Information: Warranties and Replacements – A Comparison

It’s no secret that Advance optical modules and attach cables all come with a lifetime warranty, we (unashamedly) mention it at almost every opportunity we can! But what does lifetime warranty exactly entail and how does it stack up against big vendor’s own branded modules?

At Advance we believe the after sales service and support is just as important as the initial purchase. We understand that our reputation and brand name is built on our long standing customer relationships and the trust those customers place in us to power their critical IT infrastructure.

As part of our commitment to our customers we offer a lifetime warranty and next day advanced replacement. To detail that, our lifetime warranty is classified as; “for as long as the original end user owns and uses an eligible Advance product, we guarantee that the product will perform as specified.”

If a module fails during the lifespan of it’s service, no matter if it’s 10 months old or 10 years old, Advance will replace it, free of charge. We ship an advanced replacement product direct to site on a next day service, meaning engineers can make one trip to the cabinet to extract the failed module and install the replacement. This is often not the case with big name vendors who demand the return of the product before they even consider shipping a replacement, meaning your network can be missing critical components for extended periods of time.

Advance products represent a real cost saving over vendor branded modules, we have discussed this before here so I won’t go into detail again, but how does the after sales support compare to the more expensive vendor branded modules? Does paying more get you something extra?

I will compare the officially published warranties of 4 big vendors and provide sources for all information, and then let you decide which is the best offering. I only compare the warranty provided as standard with the purchase of a product, some vendors do offer a paid for after sales service, costed over single or multiple years, although considering you already pay a premium for a vendor branded module this extra cost seems unjustifiable.

Compare the facts and see how Advance really do offer an unrivaled product both in terms of price and service, and when you decide to go with Advance, send us a message here and we’ll call you right back!

   Advance  Arista  Avaya  Cisco  Juniper
 Warranty  Lifetime  1 Year1  1 Year2  1 Year4  1 Year6
 Return Policy  Advanced replacement  Return to base1  Return to base3  Return to base5  Return to base6
 Replacement Time  Next day  10 business days1  10 day cycle3  20 working days5  20 business days6


Quote: The Arista pluggables and cables include a one-year limited hardware warranty, which covers parts, repair, or replacement with a 10 business day turn-around after the unit is received.

Quote: Twelve (12) months, beginning on the In-Service date, for Hardware purchased directly from and installed by Avaya.
Quote: Twelve (12) months, beginning on the Delivery Date, for all other Hardware purchased directly from Avaya or a Channel Partner where Avaya does not install the Hardware.

Quote: Avaya will use all commercially reasonable efforts to provide a 10 day cycle time, from the date of receipt of a defective hardware product until the time a repaired or replacement unit is shipped by Avaya.

Quote: Standard warranty: 1 year

Quote: Cisco or its service center will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship a replacement part within twenty (20) working days upon receipt of the defective product at Cisco’s site.

Quote: Juniper Networks warrants that for a period of one (1) year from the Start Date, the Juniper Networks hardware purchased by customer (“Hardware”) shall be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal authorized use consistent with the product instructions.
Quote: Juniper Networks will use commercially reasonable efforts to ship the replacement Hardware within twenty (20) business days after receipt of the product at a Juniper Networks Repair Center.