There is a common argument that rolls on between the supporters of third party components and those that prefer to only use vendor branded components; warranty. There is no disagreement that compatible products, such as Advance brand optical modules more often than not have a better warranty out of the [Read More]

Information: Demystifying The Vendor Warranty Stance

Technology inevitably progresses, sometimes in huge leaps, sometimes in smaller, yet still significant steps. The ten-fold increase in data rates realised by 10G networks may seem like a huge leap – in fact it is – but the hardware powering this shift didn’t have a face lift. Compared to the [Read More]

Tutorial: Identifying SFP and SFP+ Modules

Fibre optic CCTV transmission systems have been a popular choice for councils and other public bodies managing CCTV systems that cover large expanses such as town centres, motorways, industrial sites and more. Their ability to transmit – in almost near real-time – high quality CCTV images, audio and bi-directional data [Read More]

Information: CCTV Transmission Compatible SFPs

Technology as we know it is constantly evolving, such as analogue CCTV installations moving over to IP based systems. The need for larger, more robust computer networks is growing by the day. With the upward trend of having a bigger network comes the strain of covering larger areas. Campus networks grow [Read More]

Information: Media Converters – Applications

Growth is and should always be a high priority for any business. Growth is good, it means more people, more sales and more products. Growth also means for the IT guys more computers, more accounts to manage and more switch ports to connect. If money wasn’t an option, you’d use [Read More]

Information: DAC’s – Speed Boost on a Budget

  Why choose Advance compatible transceivers? The simple answer to this question (as most other suppliers will tell you), is cost, but that is only one of the benefits of choosing a compatible SFP, QSFP, direct attach cable or other optical module. For example in a scenario where Gigabit speed [Read More]

Information: Why choose Advance compatible transceivers?

In 2008 we were witness to a global credit crunch and from then everything we knew changed, in my opinion, almost irreversibly. Interest rates, price fluctuations and economic uncertainty all went through periods of ups and downs. Safe to say it was a pretty rough time. It lasted roughly 5 [Read More]

Discussion: Save money with new Advance products!

Subsea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) are interesting devices used by a wide variety of industries for exploring, surveying and inspecting conditions and devices in deep water. Packed with a range of cameras and sensors, designed to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, ROVs help with the installation and maintenance of oil [Read More]

Products: SFPs for Submersible Vehicles

Generally fibre networks allow you to plug and play with fibre patch leads fresh out of the packet, and this is all thanks to some documentation that goes by the name, “TIA/EIA-568-B.1-7-2006 (Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard)”. It sounds like a thrilling read, I know, but in all honesty it [Read More]

Tutorial: Crossing Polarity on LC Connectors