Information: DAC’s – Speed Boost on a Budget

Growth is and should always be a high priority for any business. Growth is good, it means more people, more sales and more products. Growth also means for the IT guys more computers, more accounts to manage and more switch ports to connect.

If money wasn’t an option, you’d use a fibre connection everywhere; Fibre to the Desktop, Fibre to the Home; Fibre to the Coffee Machine. However, for most companies growth requires re-investing profits into things that have a measurable and more immediate return such as staff, marketing and stock. The network is often forgotten, or at least relegated far down the priority list.

A good way of improving network performance and data access would be to connect resources such as servers to network switches, and network backbone links with higher bandwidth connectivity solutions. A “budget” way of doing this would be to use an Advance SFP module in the server, using one of our Advance HBA cards of course, and patch that directly into a switch. A great solution, but it does mean multiple products to manage and increased potential points of failure. Sometimes simplicity is the key.

In walks the DAC, no – it’s not the start of a really poor joke “3 DAC’s walk into a bar”. The DAC – Direct Attach Cable. This single piece solution has a data transfer speed from 10Gb to 100Gb. Being a single physical unit usually makes it a lower cost, easier to manage product which will enable you to deliver the connectivity you need.

They’re also pretty useful when you want to connect switches, routers or other network appliances together too, with the Advance range supporting all major vendors (and some lesser known ones too) you can be sure we have the compatibility side covered.

The Advance range offers many standard (and some non-standard) lengths in both passive and active variants – See what we have in stock Here. We also offer breakout cables too, splitting a single 40Gb QSFP+ out to 4x 10Gb SFP+ connections, really handy for connecting 10Gb distribution switches to 40Gb core switches.

The Advance range isn’t just for networks aiming to get the speeds they deserve for the budget they have to spend. We also cater for the more intense Data centre specific requirements too. We can supply 40Gb QSFP+ DAC’s and 100Gb QSFP28/CFP+ DAC’s in any length you need (certain limitations do apply) putting Advance at the forefront of technology once again.