Information: CCTV Transmission Compatible SFPs

Fibre optic CCTV transmission systems have been a popular choice for councils and other public bodies managing CCTV systems that cover large expanses such as town centres, motorways, industrial sites and more. Their ability to transmit – in almost near real-time – high quality CCTV images, audio and bi-directional data means there are no other technologies that come close to what fibre based systems can offer.

The advancement into digital technologies brought around a whole re-think of these systems, with most major manufacturers deciding to base their products on the common SFP format for transmission, allowing much more flexibility at a reduced cost. It also means in-field repairs are possible, compared to older systems that had fixed optics meaning entire boards had to be replaced.

Advance offer a complete range of extended temperature range modules, all with DDM monitoring as standard, that meet and often exceed the specifications of the top branded CCTV transmission system manufacturer’s modules. As always, a lifetime warranty from Advance adds even more value to a product that already presents a huge cost reduction to branded modules. Whether you are replacing failed vendor branded modules or starting a new project, there are significant cost benefits when using Advance products.

Check out our handy table below comparing the major vendor’s modules and the Advance alternative part. Please call us on +44 (0)1942 718493 or email us at for more information and to discuss pricing for your next project.

COE Comnet GE/UTC Interlogix
Standard Temp
High Temp
KBC Advance Part Code
SFP-1A NW-SFP0-01-25-XXXT-0-1-I
SFP-2 SFP100FX13102KM S20-2MLC-2 S25-2MLC-2 SFP-MM2 NW-SFP0-00-12-X131-02XD-I
SFP-3 SFP100131020KM S20-2SLC-20 S25-2SLC-20 NW-SFP0-00-12-X131-20XD-I
SFP-4 SFP-MS2-B NW-SFP0-00-12-X131-40XD-I
SFP-5 NW-SFP0-00-12-X155-120XD-I
SFP-10A S20-1SLC/A-20 NW-SFP0-00-12-B131-20XD-I
SFP-10B S20-1SLC/B-20 NW-SFP0-00-12-B155-20XD-I
SFP-26A NW-SFPS-00-12-B131-02XD-I
SFP-26B NW-SFPS-00-12-B155-02XD-I
SFP-36A NW-SFPS-00-12-B131-20XD-I
SFP-36B NW-SFPS-00-12-B155-20XD-I
SFP-24A NW-SFPS-00-12-B145-80XD-I
SFP-24B NW-SFPS-00-12-B159-80XD-I
SFP-1 S30-RJ SFP-T NW-SFP0-01-25-XXXT-0-1-I
SFP-16 SFP1000SX220 S30-2MLC S35-2MLC SFP-GM2 NW-SFP0-01-25-X850-0-5D-I
S30-2MLC-2 NW-SFP0-01-25-X131-02XD-I
SFP1000LX10KM S30-2SLC-10 S35-2SLC-10 NW-SFP0-01-25-X131-10XD-I
SFP-6 SFPV-GS2-A NW-SFP0-01-25-X131-20XD-I
SFP-7 SFP1000LX30KM S30-2SLC-30 S35-2SLC-30 NW-SFP0-01-25-X131-40XD-I
SFP-8 SFP1000LX70KM S30-2SLC-70 S35-2SLC-70 NW-SFP0-01-25-X155-80XD-I
SFP-9 NW-SFP0-01-25-X155-120XD-I
S30-1SLC/A-10 NW-SFP0-01-25-B139-10XD-I
S30-1SLC/B-10 NW-SFP0-01-25-B149-10XD-I
S30-1SLC/A-20 NW-SFP0-01-25-B139-20XD-I
S30-1SLC/B-20 NW-SFP0-01-25-B149-20XD-I
SFP-12A NW-SFP0-01-25-B131-20XD-I
SFP-12B NW-SFP0-01-25-B155-20XD-I
XNETSFPOPT48T SFP-18A S30-1SLC/A-60 NW-SFP0-01-25-B145-80XD-I
XNETSFPOPT48R SFP-18B S30-1SLC/B-60 NW-SFP0-01-25-B159-80XD-I
SFP-14A SFP-GS1A-A NW-SFPS-01-25-B131-20XD-I
SFP-14B SFP-GS1B-A NW-SFPS-01-25-B155-20XD-I
SFP-GS1A-B NW-SFPS-01-25-B131-40XD-I
SFP-GS1B-B NW-SFPS-01-25-B155-40XD-I
SFP-22A SFP-GS1A-C NW-SFPS-01-25-B145-80XD-I
SFP-22B SFP-GS1B-C NW-SFPS-01-25-B159-80XD-I
S40-2MLC NW-SFPX-08-10-X850-0-3D-I
S40-2SLC-10 NW-SFPX-08-10-X131-10XD-I