Discussion: Save money with new Advance products!

In 2008 we were witness to a global credit crunch and from then everything we knew changed, in my opinion, almost irreversibly. Interest rates, price fluctuations and economic uncertainty all went through periods of ups and downs. Safe to say it was a pretty rough time. It lasted roughly 5 years and in 2013 the outlook began to look a little brighter. People started spending their hard-earned money again but with an undertone of value. The 2008 recession created a new type of buyer, consumers who wanted the most they could get for their money and rightly so.

Fast forward to 2017 and that undertone is still prevalent in many buying markets but consistent budget cuts have distilled this necessity into something much more savvy. All the while this was happening, technology as a whole was still progressing. The need for higher bandwidths within a business environment grew. Computer networks with a backbone running at Gigabit speeds were considered almost ancient, coupled with the adoption of 10G infrastructure which is almost a minimum standard today and 40G/100G in data centre environments now commonplace. Affordability became the issue with any network upgrade. This brought its own problem, how do you get something 10x better without paying, in many instances, 10x more?

The tech savvy buyers of 2017 had a solution and it meant an uplift in sales of refurbished hardware. What a brilliant concept, buying relatively new technology at a fraction of the price. However, this was and still is fundamentally flawed in its execution – most refurbished hardware only comes with 30 or at best 90 days warranty. This left a heavy compromise for network owners and managers: upgrade to a better network with a solution that is affordable but potentially has little or no warranty, or pay through the nose for new retail hardware to get the warranty cover expected with brand new products.

Here at Advance we decided to tackle that problem head on. We thought, “What if?” What if you could have new products with a full warranty and still save money? It’s always been plain and simple for us, our Advance products offer up to 80% savings against new retail vendor pricing. Last month Chris questioned here if vendor pricing is justified, and the Advance range offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty with a piece of mind that we will ship a replacement unit out should you have any issues.

This, in our eyes, gave the perfect solution to the problem many people faced; how to get more for less. The Advance ranges enable you to buy a new product at a reduced cost with a full warranty; enabling any network upgrades to go ahead on, or even under budget – music to any buyer’s ears! Don’t just take my word for it, Shop and buy with confidence knowing you’ll get more for your money.